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Go ahead; admit it. It does feel great to be a winner and get an award doesn’t it?

That is why we at CM Engrave decided to get in the business in 2006 when one saw that mainline firms and places like the mall kiosks which offer engraving were slow and prohibitively expensive to allow organizations to offer recognition to multiple participants. Yes, they could put out one or two larger ones for first place, but that practice of using a few large awards rather than numerous small ones severely ignored the average participant.

CM Engrave decided to change that. Our CEO is a graphics artist, and an entrepreneur at heart, we opened up a web site and a home business that specialized in creating low-cost, personally engraved memorabilia, priced so most team members or employees or volunteers could hold up and show off something unique, something of their own. CM Engrave provides lamicoids, signage, trophies, plaques and giftware for personal commercial or industrial use. They have state of the art rotary and laser engraving systems that offer the capability of engraving almost any metal or plastic.

For each order, a specific design is produced and the customer gets to see and approve and sign off the actual sample design before the first one is engraved. It might be a good idea to plan a little bit ahead. We have a better than average turnaround time, but still, regular work is pretty quick at about two days and larger custom orders are about ten days.

It also might be useful to understand who is actually ordering this type of product. Our clients range widely from sports leagues to commercial outlets like banks or insurance companies or even to service clubs, community clubs and non- profit organizations. In each case, the issue is that the contributions of people are recognized in a tangible fashion and even though it is not expensive, recipients love it. You can get items from straight plaques to figurines to practical items like pens and clocks.

In 2015, CM Engrave purchased B&B Trophy Shack. B&B Trophy shack has been around for more than 30 years, and has a great reputation of customer satisfaction. The combination of both companies has created a solid business that strives for excellence in customer service, price & products.

“For Moments That Matter”

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