We believe that an award should capture the interest of its recipient. This is the concept that drives us to provide our customers with detailed custom designs that embody the award given.

It is our goal to provide customers with a product they will be proud of for a price that won’t break the bank.

Our CEO is a graphic designer, and an entrepreneur at heart. His love of celebrating successes helps to ensure that any product leaving our shop is exactly what the customer was thinking.

Some of the products we provide are lamicoids, signage, trophies, medals, plaques, sublimation, giftware for personal, commercial or industrial use and much more.

We have state of the art rotary and laser engraving systems that offer the capability of engraving almost any metal or plastic.

For each order, we design a detailed quote so our customers get to see and approve the design before it is engraved. This allows us to modify the order, and ensure that you are receiving only the best product.